Authorization & Release

I hereby authorize and consent to my child’s participation in Littlestone Group programming (Tennessee Summer Music Festival, LiSMF, Explorers, CAST!) during the month(s) of June and/or July 2019, with Littlestone Group conducting this program. As used in this authorization and release, the term “program” includes, without limitation, the property and buildings used by the organization, the improvements thereon, as well as the parking areas. I understand that the Littlestone Group is relying on this consent, authorization, and release as a condition of them permitting my child or ward to participate in this program. 

I understand that although the Littlestone Group and its respective staff will take all reasonable precautions to insure safety, they cannot insure that I, my child or ward are free from the risk of injury, loss, or damage to person or property, and I hereby assume all of said risks for myself and child or ward. 

In consideration of the use and availability of the services and facilities involved during the Littlestone Summer Music Festival by me and my child or ward, if any, I hereby agree to the extent allowed by law to release, relieve, hold harmless and indemnify the Littlestone Group and their respective officers, agents, instructors, and employees from all liability and claims arising out of any accident or injury suffered or incurred by me or my child or ward while participating in the Littlestone Group’s programming. 

In case of a medical emergency, in the event that I or the emergency contact I provided cannot be reached, I hereby authorize my child or ward to be treated at the nearest hospital or emergency healthcare facility. Littlestone Group and their officials are hereby authorized to take actions they deem necessary for the emergency medical treatment of your child or ward. Also, it is understood that neither medical nor health insurance coverage is supplied by the Littlestone Group and that the participant is responsible for all insurance coverage. 

I understand that photography, audio, and or video production may be conducted during the program. I fully grant the Littlestone Group and those acting under their permission or upon their authority, the unqualified right and permission to reproduce, copyright, publish or otherwise use my child’s photographic likeness and irrevocable consent thereto.

*Please keep a record of this document so that you may review it as necessary*