Consulting Services


Education Management & Operations

Students need your school to be the safest, most creativity-inducing, space imaginable and work with safety professionals & educational designers to improve your existing space into a place where students thrive.

Personnel Development

How do you recruit the best, most honest people at every level of your organization? We have connections at many of our country’s finest graduate schools of education for your new hires, as well as the tools to develop your existing staff into people who love coming to work and can be held accountable for their output.



Grant & Education Evaluation Services

Whether you were just awarded a grant, writing a grant proposal, or in need of an objective view of your school / educational program you’ll need professional evaluation services. We account for details like compliance, safety, formative & summative evaluations, overseeing grant award management & bookkeeping, resource inventory & management, data collection, and ADA.


Analytics Marketing & Recruitment

You have a great space, you have a great organization, and you have a great story, but now you need students and an audience. Our team has worked with schools, non-profits, arts organizations, corporate foundations, and universities to develop their brand across the physical world and digital space and tell their unique stories. We want you to have complete control of your brand without having to pay an expensive design agency a monthly premium for nothing. Stop spending so much money on your website. We can help you dramatically improve your recruitment efforts through effective data analytics & communication strategy.

Organizational Turnaround, Conflict Resolution, and Crisis Intervention

Sometimes you just need to hit the red button and start over. Our team will help you push this boulder back up the hill by getting your financials & policies in order, and ensure procedural compliance across your entire organization.

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