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Stop spending thousands and thousands of dollars on something that doesn’t work, and isn’t up to your standards. The success of your digital presence should not be measured in how much you paid for it — it should alleviate things from your to do list, not add to it. First and foremost, your website should make you smile.

So how much should a website cost?

You do not have time to maintain a website if you are also expected to run a school or an organization. Keep it simple. Your website should simply share information and express the values of your organization succinctly. Pictures are far more effective than text or video and cost nothing. So how much should a website cost? Unless you are a hospital, government agency, or organization serving more than a few thousand each day, you shouldn’t be spending more than $3,500 per year. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either selling you something or has probably never run a school or small nonprofit before. We constantly hear of companies charging $1,000+ per month to nonprofits, schools, and government for what amounts to poorly designed, broken websites, that are never updated, and fail to truly express the value of your work. Don’t be tricked by flashy designs and meaningless tech-speak. The only words you should be hearing are DATA, VALUES, and COMMUNICATION.

What about social media?

Social media follows the same constructs as a normal conversation. If you are speaking to someone, you wouldn’t constantly talk over them, or bounce from topic to topic without ever stopping to hear a response. Social media is effective in connecting with your constituency in a way that is consistent, socially positive, and meaningful. Choose one platform that is comfortable for both your team and your constituents and be thoughtful its use. Pictures tell a story, so don’t just post a blurry phone picture. Get a good camera, and take some quality photos! We like Instagram & Google Photos the most since they function seamlessly with any type of website or device, and are very limited on the use of text. Turn off comments on all of your social media if possible; keep the conversation positive and free of controversy.

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