Littlestone Group                             Subcontractor/Volunteer Application


Littlestone Group has a small and incredibly talented staff and faculty in order to provide the greatest experience for each individual student that participates in our summer programs. We hire primary based on programming needs, a deep love of music, and also personality. Please read the following information carefully and answer each question on the application honestly.

Currently, our highest program needs are:

Teaching Assistants in the following areas: musical theater, jazz, choir & a cappella, percussion, brass, strings. Teaching Assistants are typically enrolled in their 2nd-4th year of college, majoring in music education, performance, or arts administration.

Counselor-In-Training is a 100% volunteer position, for high school students or first-year college students looking to see the "back of house" operations at one of our programs. Typical expectations include: assisting with room cleanup, double checking attendance, distributing concert programs, setting up for rehearsals, makin' copies.

Faculty in the following areas: strings education, brass. Faculty are typically professional musicians, teachers, program assistants, music contractors, etc. If you have a unique musical perspective, we're interested to meet you. We do not provide any lodging for faculty; however we do host faculty from around the country. If you are not from/live in Nashville it is your responsibility to provide your own living accommodations at your own expense. Travel expenses will also not be provided.


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Date of Birth
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Do you have a reference? (Please do not provide a reference that currently works with/for Littlestone Group)
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